Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Nifty View as per today's Morning session on 1st August 2013,Thursday

Nifty Today has opened with a gap.Presently Nifty is at 5803.

Its Seems this week Nifty can touch 5884. At 5884, Nifty is expected to face resistance.

Looking at the current Rupee fluctuation in the Forex Market,Nifty may turn weak after touching 5884.However if at all any positive signs are seen and Nifty closes above 5884, then Nifty can move further on the up side till 6047.

But as of now 5884 is the strong resistance.this level can be touched by tomorrow or at the most Monday.

The Nearest Strongest short term support as of now for Nifty is 5752.

Disclaimer: The Above quoted views are just an indication based on Technical Analysis and in no way suggests any trading or Investing tip.

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NIFTY gives a Bounce back by opening gap us as we had predicted yesterday

As per our Analysis Yesterday, Nifty is up today. We had predicted a Bounce back yesterday in the morning trading hours and that too in the falling Market

Nifty is up with a gap today and is at 5790.

Disclaimer: The Above quoted views are just an indication based on Technical Analysis and in no way suggests any trading or Investing tip.

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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Is Nifty Ready to give a Bounce Back? - To Know More, Read on

Though The Nifty has fallen Drastically since 22nd July 2013, it seems it is in a hurry to test the level range of 5699 and 5664. Nifty can give a bounce back from these levels.

Though the general Economic factors are as of now playing a spoil sport for the short term,Technically the nifty chart is nearing its support at 5699 and 5664, where a bounce back can be expected.

Below the level of this range Nifty has a Trendline support of 5615. A breach of this level can bring in more bad news for the Market.The Nifty has already breached its 200 day average on 29th July 2013.

Disclaimer: The Above quoted views are just an indication how the Nifty Index may move in the coming days based on Technical Analysis and in no way suggests any trading or Investing tip.

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Planning has no value, if the plan is not implemented and  
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Stock Market in the past was criticized as a illegal  betting alternative, but as time passed it has been proved that trading in the market with proper analysis is an art as well as science. But no part of science in the world can prove any properly analysed theory right until and unless it is tested and practicality implemented.

Yes, Finally what matters is the Execution.

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Monopoly is generally visible in any established market.The reason is no one dares to enter an established market as they fear being thrown out of the market by the existing Monopolistic Player.To a certain extent the fear may be justified,as rescuing the users or society from the clutches of this so called monopolistic player is not an easy task. But if the new Entrant enters the market with better services and the end user community gives them a chance it becomes a win win situation for the new entrant, the industry and society at large.

The Trading solution Industry in the Stock Market is such sector that has been affected by this deadly disease called monopoly.As there was no choice, the trading community and the broker community had no choice but to accept whatever was offered to them even though the disliked the service in totality

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Change is the indispensable nature of Law.Change is Inevitable.That which does not change perishes.

People change and so do their thinking and a changed thought leads to Innovation.From Great leaders to Business Tycoons to Corporates, the one factor that decided their destiny was not fate, but change.

The Pager Industry never anticipated the Future and never changed and the few who anticipated it well in advance not only entered but also boomed with the new Cellular Mobile Industry thus wiping out the Pager Companies.

Today we take a snap at the tip of our finger on our smart phones, but the ones like Kodak who were reluctant to change and stuck to their old roll cameras,went bankrupt.

The Central Telegraph Office in India could never catch up with the fast pace of Technology and could not stand the fierce competition posed by the sms technology.

NOKIA,the Finland mobile mobile manufacturer who dominated the Indian Mobile market industry till late was pushed down the rank by its Korean Competitor Samsung which not only anticipated but also implemented change with introduction of Smart phones with Touch screens toppling the Numero Uno position of Nokia in India

Recently the same changes are happening in the Capital Market not only in terms of policies but also in terms of Infrastructure and technology.A most crucial part of a Capital Market (Secondary Market) is the Trading platform or trading solution.For years the same trading solutions are being used by the Broking Community and all the retail participants in the market.

Now, its time to Change and switch over to a complete new Technology.

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Monday, 22 July 2013

Rupee up 17 paise Vs dollar at 59.55

The rupee on Tuesday recovered by 17 paise to 59.55 in early trade at the Inter bank Foreign Exchange on dollar selling by exporters and some banks.

A higher opening in the domestic equity market and a weak dollar against euro and yen overseas after poor US housing data raised the likelihood that the Federal Reserve would keep its stimulus programme in place for some time, also supported the rupee, forex dealers said.

The rupee had lost 37 paise, its biggest drop in two weeks, to close at 59.72 yesterday following month-end dollar demand from oil importers and some custodian banks coupled with capital outflows.