Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Planning has no value, if the plan is not implemented and  
Stock Market Analysis has no value, if it not executed through a Proper Trading Solution.

Stock Market in the past was criticized as a illegal  betting alternative, but as time passed it has been proved that trading in the market with proper analysis is an art as well as science. But no part of science in the world can prove any properly analysed theory right until and unless it is tested and practicality implemented.

Yes, Finally what matters is the Execution.

How useful it would be if a Complete Trading Solution is available which takes care of the Analysis (Technical & Fundamental) as well a the execution (Trading) part.

Well, such a complete Trading solution has already entered the market, which not only takes care of your Analysis and Trade execution but its Specially Inbuilt robots called Broadcast Manager and Trade Engine take cares of your RMS (Risk Management system).

Intellect Softwares proudly announces the launch of its complete Trading Solution "Bulls Eye".

With its tailor made terminals for Brokers, Analysts, Sub Brokers, Traders.  Intellect Softwares eliminates the need to have different softwares for analysis and other softwares for Trading. One can just do the analysis as well as the trading on a single platform.

Where others believe in promises, we believe in delivering and delivering at the Right Time and Right Speed!

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