Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Monopoly is a Deadly Disease which can be cured only with Competition!

Help us create that Competition and Eliminate Monopoly from the roots!

Yes Monopoly in any field or any form is dangerous to the end user or the society as a whole.Monopoly in any Industry or business leaves the end user with no choice but to be a helpless victim at the hands of the company creating the monopoly.The end user or the society at large,however disappointing they may be with the services of the company creating monopoly,has to continue with them as they have no other choice.

Monopoly is generally visible in any established market.The reason is no one dares to enter an established market as they fear being thrown out of the market by the existing Monopolistic Player.To a certain extent the fear may be justified,as rescuing the users or society from the clutches of this so called monopolistic player is not an easy task. But if the new Entrant enters the market with better services and the end user community gives them a chance it becomes a win win situation for the new entrant, the industry and society at large.

The Trading solution Industry in the Stock Market is such sector that has been affected by this deadly disease called monopoly.As there was no choice, the trading community and the broker community had no choice but to accept whatever was offered to them even though the disliked the service in totality

But now the cure named "Competition" has arrived in the market to eliminate this Monopoly and offer the entire Trading and Broker community a variety of services that they were never offered before by the existing player.

Join hands with us in Promoting this Competition and ending the Monopoly

"BULLS EYE", a customized Trading Solution the way you wanted has entered the market with a Big Bang.

Intellect Softwares, the creators of this Trading Solution also offers WMS (Wealth Managment Softwares) apart from other variety of Financial Market Softwares 

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