“POINTER”- a unique Trading experience

Pointer is the advanced online trading platform from Intellect Softwares Pvt. Ltd. Pointer provides the best in the class internet trading features and delivers a seamless and rich online trading experience for its users. Whether we are a Day-Trader who buy/sell stocks throughout the day or a Stock Research Analyst who believes in taking a stock trading call after doing extensive fundamental research & technical analysis, pointer fulfils our every stock trading need from the comfort of our desktop. Pointer comes with a whole host of online features for the internet trading users ranging from real-time stock prices, to live trading reports, charting, News Room. For Market Experts & Stock Research Analysts, Pointer provides features like Technical Analysis tools to help them analyze the behaviour of a particular stock using popular technical analysis indicators. Pointer provides an integrated online trading platform for the internet trading community to invest in equity, F&O, Online IPOs and base their decision on sound fundamental research and technical analysis. It also provides various kinds of trading reports, each developed to cater to internet trading users’ distinct needs. Pointer aims to fulfil the needs of every Genre of investors & help them gain profits in every possible way.

Features Provided:
Action Watch:
An “As it happens” screen where data of each scrip in the market watch, it’s price and the time (upto seconds) when it touched either the high or the low of that day is displayed. An extremely useful tool to gauge where the action is happening at that point of time.

 Technical Charts:
Right click on any stock and view the price and volume charts of that scrip since FY 2000. You may add common studies like Averages, RSI, ROC etc. Covers everything that one requires for basic technical analysis.

Corporate Fundamentals:
Think and its there! Right click on any stock in Market Watch and view it’s latest results, all 5 years financials (even consolidated), it’s valuation dashboard, shareholding pattern and all corporate actions. As much as even a link to the company’s website.

Daily charts:
End of day charts of 8 years period with daily, weekly, yearly basis.(where studies can be added)

Bulk Trades:
Track all bulk trades as they happen. Define the parameters of your own bulk trades i.e. for quantity and/or value. Another live screen for the trader.

Multiple Intraday chart Windows:
It allows user to open multiple intraday charts at once with different periodicity which each of them updating live.

Fully Customizable Interface:
It allows user to customize the look and feel of front-end on his wish.

Option Calculator:
It also provides Options Calculator.

2 Level Authentications:
It provides two level authentications for every user before login.(Security feature)

Chat Support:
Real time support chat and research chat integrated within the terminal.

Cross Interface and mobile:
Browser and Mobile trading.

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