Thursday, 10 October 2013


"Sachin Tendulkar Finally Retires from Cricket". This was the headlines today in all the leading newspapers. Infact,even the Financial Newspapers have taken a note of it.

One gets refreshed by  reading all the praise for his achievements.By reading this news, we all would have got a break form the routine everyday sad and crime news.

Such sudden motivational news like Sachin's achievements reinforces that good things do happen. They are always there. You need to search them. Once you get them you are away from the clutches of the same old demotivating things, be it news or any event.

This logic, explained above is universal and Financial Market is no exception.Every other day one reads of Fraud,Malpractice, Bribery etc.A investor, a broker, A Trader or anyone who is to stock market get totally devastated, when they come to know that they are duped by a Trustworthy person or Institution.

No Matter, the law does takes its due course of action and the guilty get punished. But what about the Trust.
Not only the Investors but also the people who are Novice and were planning to enter this Market get disturbed by such every day events and keep themselves away from a Strong Financial Market.

In such a Scenario the Broker Community or Trader community too search for a new avenue where they can again trust and get a new relief. Amidst these bad news related to Financial Markets, we Intellect Software Solutions Pvt Ltd bring a Fresh Beginning for all Brokers and Traders on 23rd November 2013, Saturday at Nehru Centre, Mumbai.

A Seminar on New Trading Solutions, Automated Trading, Trading Strategies,Advanced Wealth Management Solutions Etc will surely pump in some oxygen in the already dying monopolistic system.

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