Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Dear Brokers and Traders, Read only if you believe in the word CHANGE!


Recently these words were uttered by Honorable Chief Minister of Gujarat Mr Narendra Modi.

The above lines do hold good today when we have accepted what has been offered to us without even wondering whether there is something better than what we have.

Why do we stop searching for a new solution to our existing problems.Its not being satisfied about what we have, but its about the lethargy we all as humans carry with us.We just don't want to accept change, just because we feel it a herculean task to change.The most unfortunate part is that we give various reasons for not changing but we dont want to accept one serious reason for changing.

As Traders we know that we need to change or risk reward ratio.We know this is possible. We know this new risk reward ratio does exist.But We Don't change........

As Analysts, we know a new strategy does exist, a new strategy can be made.But we dont change......

As Brokers we know a New Trading Solution, A new Trading platform exists but we give different reasons for not shifting to the new system.Why? Because we dont want to change........

Coming back to the above Hindi lines, Darkness is there, but then who has stopped you from a lighting a candle!

Come, lets  throw away this lethargy of not changing!!

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