Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Bank Stocks - How are they performing today

As on 6th August 2013 at 12.35 pm


HDFC Bank opened at 631 and is currently trading at 607.It made a high of 631.35 and made a low of 606.80.

The major support is at 602.55. Lets hope that HDFC bank does no close below this level as this can be more bearish news for the stock.If HDFC Bank takes support at 602.55 levels then the stock is expected to give a Bounce Back.


ICICI Bank has a strong support at 866.75 and a buying pressure can be seen at these levels.The Low made by ICICI bank today is 876.60.As of now it appears that ICICI Bank will not give a close below 866.75 in the coming days and will stay firm above this level.


SBI looks bearish and it seems that SBI can go down still further to touch the levels of 1572.

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