Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Who Says technical Analysis doesn't Work? MACD Indicator and FT Stock

Since many Days Financial technologies have been in news, though for wrong reasons. Many Investors witnessed an erosion of their wealth who held the stares of FT.

After The NSEL news was made public, FT shares plunged like anything on the downside.

When the news was declared, the stock was down in Intraday and made a low of 180. The previous day the stock was trading at 539.

However if one had used Technical Analysis provided by, the sell signal was generated long back by MACD Indicator on 18th December 2012 followed by a Strong Negative Divergence. This is a strong example of Technical Analysis proving to be right

The FT Stock is now trading at 133 as on 21st August 2013

It seems that one can be still short with a Tight Trailing Stop loss of 5 day EMA.

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